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How to Beat Business Anxiety with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Has anxiety and fear ever stopped you from taking your business to the next level? Not raising your prices? Not putting yourself out there? Not having confidence in yourself? These things hold many of us back from growing our business, but often times it is just a matter of getting over the fear and anxiety so that our true personality can shine through.


Being an entrepreneur can take a serious toll on your emotions. I remember getting so nervous before meetings and interviews that I would be sweating like crazy and focusing really hard to relax my body and voice. Even after I had been in business for a while there was still a part of me (though I did great work and clients raved) that I was faking it, and that translated through in many things that I did (or didn’t do).

I tried breathing techniques and even meditated before meetings to try to get my nerves under control, but it wasn’t until I discovered EFT (emotional freedom technique or tapping) that I was able to finally, fully relax in my business and start to take those leaps that I needed.

What is EFT?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is very simple, you do it on yourself and you are basically just tapping on meridian energy points in your body (similar to the points used in acupuncture) to help release negative emotions and beliefs. You can use EFT for literally anything, can do it anywhere and it’s totally free!

With eft you concentrate on the negative belief or feeling until it is cleared out of your system, just tapping the points in sequence. For example if you are nervous before a meeting you would start by saying ‘even though I’m nervous about this meeting I deeply and completely love and accept myself’, and then tap through the points repeating ‘feeling nervous’. Like magic my nerves would go down until I feeling totally calm.  EFT is like an escape button for your negative emotions, which is so handy! Side note: I do recommend tapping along with a video or seeking a practitioner to get it right before tapping on your own.
I soon discovered that tapping not only worked for my nerves and anxieties, but it also worked beautifully with the law of attraction. You see I’ve never been sure what to do with my negative emotions besides sweeping them under the rug. Hint: this is not ideal, because hiding them doesn’t actually get rid of them.

I’ll give you an example of how I saw my anxiety directly affect my business. Last Fall I really didn’t have much interest in my business, I was feeling stuck and didn’t have that real passion. I started to feel negative about my business and law of attraction being what it is, I lost 80% of my clients in a matter of months for various reasons. I knew my own fear and anxiety was causing this. I started to release my anxiety and let go of my lack of clarity and focus through EFT. The transformation was almost instant. Within the week I started to get new clients and within the month I had a totally different direction for my business that I felt crazy passionate about and still do. I took each step without hesitation because I was clearing my self-doubt regularly. When you get rid of self-doubt, anxiety and fear in business that is when real magic happens.

emotional freedom techniqueTracy is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach specializing in breaking through blocks and limiting beliefs to help her clients get the most out of life. She uses law of attraction, EFT tapping, oracle card reading and Chakra healing to teach her clients how to move through negative blocks and create business, life and spiritual transformation. Find out more here: www.tracygaudet.com

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